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Serving Trays: These vary in size from 9"-12" wide x 20"-23" long, based on the board (solid live edge or face grain glued board), and have wooden or hand forged wrought iron handles.  All Serving trays come with 1 or 2 cracker trays on each end, depending on the size of the tray.  This will hold everything for Gameday snacks or when both neighbors come over for dinner! 

Please email with your size and wood requests and I can customize your tray to you design as well as engrave your Monogram or graphic on the tray.


Wanting something more custom?

Custom-made goods are often a requested product. That’s because when people come to my workshop, they’re looking for something unique and different. I go the extra mile to ensure that each piece isn’t run of the mill but is an exquisitely designed product that no one else has. Have something in mind you’d like created? Let me know and I’ll be happy to get started.

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