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#1: What makes my cutting boards different....

What makes my cutting boards different than the 736,852 other woodworkers out there designing boards to sell on Etsy, Amazon or Pintrest? A couple things:

1. I love working wood. I build cutting boards because I am passionate about woodworking. I have been involved in woodworking my whole life. I don't have to produce 35 boards a week to make payroll or pay rent. Its just me down in the shop, livin' the dream, at least my dream.....

#162: Cherry, Honduras Rosewood, Wenge and Wenge accent strips Small Board (10" x 14")

2. The small shop concept allows me to spend a little more money on some quality, and unusual, exotic hardwoods. Not sure you will find other builders that use Bicote, Zicote, Honduras Rosewood, or Eucalyptus in their boards.

On the other hand, you wont find Red Oak, White Oak, or Hickory in my cutting boards either. Those are all great and a very hard wood, but are also very much an open grained wood. That allows too much moisture, germs, a little bit of that chicken quarter that you were cutting up, and left over garlic to get caught in the grain. Not good.... You want a board that has closed/tight grained hardwoods.

3. I add finger grips on each end. I cut a carrying hole/handle in one corner. These are not that big of a design feature, but they do make the boards more functional and enjoyable to use. And it takes several extra steps to add those features to the boards. More tools, sanding, more jigs, more sanding, and more sanding.... and more time to cut each of those design features.

But its what each board needs to be functional, as well as making it more enjoyable, and pretty, to use. Which makes them more fun to have in the kitchen when you are cooking a nice meal for the Family or friends that are coming over.

#163: Cherry, Padauk, Eucalyptus, Maple and Padauk accent strips

Medium Board (12" x 15")

3. My Woodworker's Bar Code - it is a strip of various hardwood pieces that were really too thin or short to put in a board. But when you glue them all together and cut into strips, they make a unique strip of contrasting colors that add a little flavor to make my boards a little different. On the pictures attached, you will see the 'Bar Codes' off to one side or the other of each board.

#128: Maple, Cherry, Bubinga, Wenge accent strips

Large Board with juice moat (14" x 17" + handle, overall length 23")

4. I usually build one board at a time. Once in a while, I build small batches of 5-6 boards in a single glue up. So there is about a 99.8% chance that when you will show up at the BBQ competition, you will have the most original and unique cutting board on the circuit!

So, if you want something that's unique, a little different, please, check out my website at and look under the 'One of a Kind" tab to see what I have available. Place an order, and it can be in the mail the next day!

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