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#4: Captain's Log - End of

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Im not a Trekie guy, and, the "End of" can be read multiple ways - as a statement, and a request. Both will be true.

Yesterday was the last day for the two 'Employees of the Month' - Jocelyn and Sage.

So, it is the end of the summer help I have had since the end of May. And it is the end of Summer, and I need help!!!

For the last 5 1/2 months, these two Ladies have planed down close to 5000 board feet of lumber (that is about 625 boards that were 6', 8' or 10' long). They have been responsible for building 162 cutting boards, 45 serving trays, and 10 charcuterie trays. The 625 boards the planed down was also part of the 22 chairs I built this summer as well. It has been a crazy, busy summer, but they made it fun. I'm not sure who learned the most - me or them.....

They redesigned my storage shelves. They created a photo booth for me and taught me how to edit photos. They showed me some pretty smart social media skills and trained me on easier ways to post quality content and photographs. They literally enabled me to establish a business out of the mess in the basement. They allowed me to do all the other stuff of running a business while they did the hard labor part. They were never late for work and they started day #1 with skills! They are best help that I could have ever dreamed of!!

They are off to college in January and want to get certified in construction. They realize the difference in a college education vs learning a skill that they can use all their lives. And they have 'Grit' - the toughness that a lot of kids have no clue about. These two young Ladies do though. They get it.... They know what hard work is and are willing to do the hard job to make success happen. They also understand that a skill is more valuable than interesting information that you learned from a lecture. Skills provide opportunities, that turn into careers. These two Ladies really do get it....

I was lucky to find them and they will be dearly missed and harder to find a close second that will step up to the plate like they did.

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